NIL Cloud Management Platform

Are you facing challenges managing processes in today’s increasingly complex IT environments? Would you like to optimize availability and consumption of resources with efficiently automated processes? All while avoiding vendor lock-in? Yes, that is possible.

NIL Cloud Management Platform is the ultimate solution for businesses that need a robust, powerful, and intuitive platform to meet their ever-changing needs. It stands out for its technical excellence and usability, providing a wide range of features that naturally align with increasingly complex business requirements.

Powerful and Flexible Multi-Cloud Platform with a Self-Service Portal

It is a flexible and scalable platform that can help organizations transform their traditional data centers into modern cloud computing environments, also by following the trend of transition to complex multi-cloud environments. We developed a cloud platform that can be used to effectively manage local infrastructure in one place and extend it fully or partially into public cloud spaces. So, by using private or public clouds, NIL Cloud Management Platform connects and manages everything and thus gives customers the best of both worlds.

Rapid Responsiveness of IT Services Is the Key to Success

Cloud trends are indicating a path to significantly accelerate IT service delivery, enabling quick adaptation to constantly evolving business requirements, all while making more economical use of infrastructure resources. Organizations now prioritize the evaluation of both the financial implications and the efficiency of where they place their workloads within cloud environments. Today, the biggest challenge for organizations is managing cloud costs, which has become more pressing than security concerns. In an era when there is a pronounced scarcity of skilled IT professionals, this is not very surprising.

Benefits of NIL Cloud Management Platform

  • One platform for the comprehensive management of customers’ environments, all accessible through a convenient self-service marketplace.
  • Improving the responsiveness and efficiency of IT services as we employ innovative automation and orchestration technologies.
  • Gaining invaluable process insights and cost transparency, even in the face of increasingly complex IT environments.

Why NIL, part of Conscia?

  • Protecting existing investments: use of a large part of the existing IT infrastructure that does not require interference with existing application software.
  • Protection against vendor lock-in: A common user experience when using existing data centres and public clouds from different vendors ensures easier transfer of IT resources from one cloud to another.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customers across markets and geographies trust us to design, implement, deploy, support and manage their mission-critical private and hybrid cloud environments.

NIL Cloud Management Platform is empowering IT employees and revolutionizing business methodologies by transforming the way IT services are delivered, moving away from traditional lengthy processes to a model where end-users can rapidly provision resources through a self-service portal, reducing provisioning times from months to hours or minutes.

Our platform provides a user-friendly self-service  marketplace,  granting  users  the  freedom  to effortlessly create, modify, and remove a wide array of IT resources, such as VM (virtual machines), firewalls, load balancer, and backups. This intuitive interface puts the  control  firmly  in  the  hands  of  its  users,  allowing them to adapt their resources to the dynamic needs of their organization with ease and agility. It is no longer important where to get IT resources. With a multi-cloud infrastructure  and  a  modern  management  platform, users are free to make such decisions, IT services are delivered quickly, and automatically with an insight into consumption, cost drivers, expenses, and, consequently, savings opportunities.

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