VIDEO: “Hacking Horizon View” by Mitja Bezenšek

VIDEO: “Hacking Horizon View” by Mitja Bezenšek among top 5 lectures from BriForum 2015 London Conference

Watch the presentation to learn how to perform magic with VDI automation and save time by moving to the Powershell console, as opposed to the slow GUI.

BriForum is the leading expert-led independent conference on end-user computing, held annually in Europe (UK) and USA. The event has been held for 11 years, and at the last one in London, one of the invited speakers was also our expert Mitja Bezenšek, who had a hands-on lectureHacking Horizon View, in which he demonstrated various ways of automating VDI.

The conference attendees voted his presentation among top 5 lectures of the BriForum 2015. The recording of the lecture is now available and you can watch it here.


Key topics:

  • Ways of automating
  • Horizon View the official and unofficial way
  • Inner workings of Horizon View
  • Horizon View automation best practices

How do you automate the recomposition of thousands of desktops, automatically clean up orphaned desktops, and create a useful inventory of your VDI infrastructure? If you are struggling with these issues, then this session (full of techy magic tricks) is for you! Horizon View does not have a good reputation when it comes to automation and extensibility. There are no official APIs, while the View PowerCli cmdlets haven’t changed since their initial release in 2010 and are still lacking features. This is especially problematic for large enterprises and cloud providers who use Horizon View as their VDI platform. During this demo-rich session, we will be taking a look under the hood of Horizon View to see how to hack through it to make an admin’s life easier.

WARNING: Some session topics are not supported by VMware.