Presenting NIL’s new management team

Presenting NIL’s new management team

The new leadership was formed to execute NIL’s strategic shift to international markets and lead the company into the next period of growth and success. When Vasko Berden started as the new CEO of NIL in spring, he said that this marks a new era for the company—he announced that NIL will shift even more of its efforts to international markets and form a team that will be responsible for the execution of that plan.

With the new leadership team being formed and fully operational, we are starting to walk the path of even more active engagement on international markets and towards even stronger business growth. The company has a great foundation and our mission is to build on it and to expand the business further. I envision NIL as a provider of advanced IT services, which contribute to our clients’ business development, and here lies the greatest potential for us as company,” explained Vasko Berden, CEO, NIL.

The new management team is now complete and has started its mandate. Jure Lah will lead NIL’s system integration business on all markets and will work closely with Aleš Zakrajšek, who will be responsible for system integration sales to companies from the private sector. Gordan Božičević will oversee the Cloud and Managed Services.

The new director of consulting and professional services business is Dejan Miletić, who will now also manage NIL’s R&D team. Their role is also shifting—together with the technical department they will be much more involved in the most challenging and advanced implementation projects. One of Miletić’s main tasks is the expansion of NIL’s consulting business on all markets through collaboration with vendors and strategic partners.

All new directors will rely on NIL’s team of technical experts and the help of Davor Šišić, Head of Technical Resource Management. The director of the technical department is Uroš Strnišnik, who has been appointed to the position in June. Marjan Bradeško will continue to lead the content development business and Bojan Kotnik remains the director of learning services. Also, there haven’t been any changes in NIL’s African subsidiaries: Martin Camp is the director of NIL’s South African office and Toufik Beytour is responsible for NIL’s business activities in the North African region. About NIL NIL is a leading global ICT solutions provider, with more than 25 years of experience in the IT and communications industry. NIL’s expertise is in advanced and emerging technologies. NIL’s core offer includes professional services, managed services and learning services. NIL is headquartered in Slovenia, with regional offices in Serbia, Morocco, USA and South Africa.