On World Children’s Day, kids took over NIL

On November 20, we celebrate the World Children’s Day, when kids all over the world raise their voices and take over the leading roles. The global initiative by UNICEF gives children a chance to be heard and respected. NIL joined the campaign, and, for a day, kids took over the management, sales, and HR at our company.

We care about the environment and the circumstances that the children in Slovenia and all over the world live in and, therefore, at NIL we are glad and proud of taking part in UNICEF’s World Children’s day campaign. We also wish children’s voices would be heard more often and that every child had a chance to fulfill their potential.

On November 20, eight children joined our company for a day and took over the roles of Chief Operation Officer, Key Account Manager, Process Manager, Project Manager, Back office Manager, Business Development Manager, and CEO. They took part in decision making, had meetings, engaged in human resources management, led the projects, and in general learned more about their parents’ work. They proved that young people have a lot of useful good ideas that can contribute to a better workplace and business.

It is our duty, as adults, that we make sure children’s rights are enforced and respected. And it’s our responsibility that we create an environment in which the voice of children is heard and taken seriously. I am very proud and happy that today we as a company contributed to achieving this goal and that we took part in UNICEF’s World Children’s Day campaign,” said Vasko Berden, CEO at NIL, and added “In Slovenia, we should be proud about the established family policies and strong support for children’s rights in our society. We often take it for granted and underestimate the value and influence it has on the well-being of our children. In spite of all the efforts, there are still many children in Slovenia and throughout the world who are not given an opportunity to live a fulfilling life and also many, who, sadly, are not even given a good chance at starting a successful, safe life. Therefore, I fully support the acts of every individual, company, and organization that help building a better tomorrow for children.

I am glad that many Slovenian companies joined the World Children’s Day. They are proving that they care about the world that we and children live in and are willing to participate in improving the well-being of all children. As kids take over the leading positions in companies, they are given a chance to show their potential and an opportunity to make an impact. It is important that we listen to them and include them in decision making. This campaign also encourages children to think about their dreams, knowledge, and skills as well as how to put them to good use.” commented Tomaž Bergoč, executive director of UNICEF Slovenia.

On the World Children’s Day, kids are calling on adults to increase their efforts in making the world a better place, where every child has access to health care and education, is protected against violence, and given equal opportunities to fulfill their potential.

For the respect of children’s rights and well-being, we have to work every day, and everybody can make an impact. Join UNICEF’s World Children’s Day campaign and call on world leaders to commit to fulfilling the rights of every child and acknowledge that these rights are non-negotiable.


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