NIL’s TALENT LAB is the best HR practice and the winning HR&M 2020 project in the SMB category

NIL’s TALENT LAB has received an award for the best HR&M 2020 project in the category of small and medium-sized businesses! TALENT LAB connects NIL’s young talents from various departments, faces them with different viewpoints, challenges their everyday routines, and teaches them how to cooperate constructively and efficiently.

This year, the HR&M conference took place for the 18th year in a row, and with it the selection for the HR&M project of the year, where good and effective HR practices are researched, discovered, and awarded. Organizations and companies present themselves to the public by showcasing their innovative approaches to managing people at the workplace, and thus put themselves on the map alongside respectable employers.

Each year the HR-specialist public looks for answers to the following questions:

  • How the HR encourages the employees to be more effective
  • How the organizations keep the employees committed, motivated, happy, feeling good and healthy, and
  • How they take care of their personal and professional development.

The conference attendees have chosen one winner in each category (small and medium-sized businesses, and large businesses). The finalists presented their projects live at the conference, and the attendees’ votes decided on the winners. We’re proud that our TALENT LAB won the first prize in the small and medium-sized businesses category. We would also like to congratulate all other winners, as well as all other competing projects.

TALENT Lab or “The youth is the future”

The TALENT LAB project began last year, and its purpose was to connect young potential in the company and give them power in a structured way, while also encouraging them at their career development. Andreja Proj, Daniel Pahič, David Kasabji, Dejan Skubic, Karin Lušin, Klemen Rekajne, Kristjan Tornič, Luka Filipič, Matjaž Kolnik, Nina Hribar, Timotej Jerala Česnik, Tom Kern, Tushar Gaba, Urška Rožman, and Žiga Škvorc have faced unorthodox situations and challenges, and through dealing with those they have gotten to know themselves and their colleagues in a completely new way. Some were just acquaintances and were thrown into situations which took an agile way of operating and quickly learning how to use new tools. Because there were also English-speaking colleagues present and the entire program was held virtually, they had to adapt their m. o. Not only did they discover new things about their colleagues, but they also discovered new things about themselves. Under the careful guidance of the HR department and with the help of management, experts, and mentorship of Perry Jimms, they strengthened the winner mindset, agility, and the proactive approach, which is also very important for our clients. The program demanded quick decision-making and connecting strategic challenges with their everyday work.

The TALENT LAB team has gotten acquainted with the newest agile tools and methods that HR offers and that can be used in their line of work: HACK Lab, IMPACT Lab, DESIGN Lab, and AGILE Lab. Alongside new competencies, they have also strengthened the competencies of preparing a business idea, the execution, presentation, and pitching to the management.

At the end of the project, young talents have shaped concrete ideas to improve our client services and to improve the internal processes.

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