NIL’s spin-off Storesense joins Collider

NIL’s spin-off Storesense joins respectable UK-based startup accelerator Collider

Storesense tracks the movement of shoppers via their smartphones and uses that data to deliver actionable insights to retailers. The solution is among this year’s 9 members of UK-based startup accelerator Collider whose mission is to transform startups into real businesses.

Collider’s core is a four-month program consisting of one-on-one coaching sessions, brand and investor introductions, and a series of workshops packed with nuggets of knowledge and inspiration. The UK-based accelerator also financially invests in startups; first 50 000 £ and after the program finishes additional 100 000 £ to each of 5 selected startups. Collider investments are aimed specifically at technology startups that are building disruptive platforms, products and services that enable brands to better engage, understand and sell to their consumers.

Storesense matches these criteria. A Wi-Fi retail analytics platform helps large stores make informed decisions about stocking and ad placement by analyzing popular paths and directions, increase same-store sales by adapting to and influencing visitor behavior, and track visited departments and visit time to optimize store layout and revenue.

Storesense operates as NIL’s spin-off company, and the solution first came under the spotlight when it was selected on the list of 200 of the world’s most promising startup ideas at the “the best technology conference on the planet” – Web Summit in Dublin.

This was an important recognition for Storesense that contributed to its visibility on the market. But the most important recognition comes from the customers that started to use it. Storesense is being used by some regional retailers that just over the course of last week were tracking more than 160 000 shoppers. Hopefully participating in the Collider program will give the Storesense team an opportunity to present the solution to investors, partners and open doors for potential customers.