NIL`s experts achieve eight new Microsoft Security Certifications

With that, NIL also fulfilled the requirements as regards to personal certification to achieve the Microsoft Gold Security Partner status. It is a result of strategic investments into developing competencies to ensure the highest level of IT security in business environments which use Microsoft’s technologies and solutions.

In February, NIL’s experts have successfully obtained the necessary amount of professional certificates that represent a prerequisite for obtaining the Microsoft Gold Security Partner title. Required exams that that grants four Microsoft 365 Security Administrator, as well as four Microsoft Azure Security Engineer certificates.

This achievement is the result of NIL’s continuous investments into the development of outstanding competencies and technological solutions for protecting business systems using Microsoft solutions – from the Microsoft Office apps, email, Active Directory, Exchange, other server solutions, to cloud or the Azure cloud services. At the same time, it is proof that NIL can help its clients effectively protect business information and data, ensure the safe use of Microsoft’s cloud applications and document systems, as well as collaboration solutions, and work from home or the systems for access control, and therefore enable solutions for the active detection and prevention of cyberattacks.

At NIL, we’re aware of the importance of Microsoft as a technological partner for many business systems. And consequently, how important the correct use and protection of their technologies is for keeping data and business secure. NIL wishes to become the leading provider and partner for ensuring integrated IT security in companies and managing cyberthreats in Slovenia. That is why we strategically invest into developing competencies and our own solutions, and building strong partnerships with all key technological vendors. The achievement of our team of experts that also include SOC (Security Operations Center) is the proof of these ambitions and an important step towards our goal – to establish the most capable expert team for security and modern Microsoft technologies in Slovenia. I would like to sincerely congratulate all recipients of the new certificates,” commented Robert Turnšek, head of Technological strategy at NIL.

At the same time, this is an important confirmation for NIL’s Security Operations Center (SOC) and its offers to detect and respond to cyber incidents. Microsoft’s EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solutions constantly achieve the best results at independent tests. We’re happy to say that we support or use them at NIL’s SOC. We can offer the so-called “fully managed Microsoft 365 Security Package” to our clients and enable securite digitalization and modernization of IT systems based mostly on Microsoft technologies. We would like to emphasize numerous successful references from the area of migration and managing Azure data centers, migrating larger business environments to O365, integrating security solutions, and establishing SOCs based on Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft and NIL have a long-standing history of successful collaboration, as Microsoft’s solutions are present in most of the business environments. NIL constantly adds to the list of Microsoft’s partnership competencies, which are currently made of:

  • Gold Application Development
  • Gold Datacenter
  • Gold Application Integration
  • Gold Data Analytics
  • Gold Cloud Platform
  • Silver Collaboration and Content
  • Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • Silver Messaging
  • Silver Security
  • Silver Cloud Productivity