NIL’s SOC named IT security product of the year 2019

NIL’s security operations center (SOC) won the Slovenian Security Product of the Year 2019 Award at the Infosek conference, which is one of the largest security events in the CE region. The award recognizes NIL’s leadership in providing superior threat detection and response capabilities, technological maturity, and high customer satisfaction.

At the Infosek 2019 conference, the largest cybersecurity conference in Slovenia and one of the largest events of the kind in Central Europe, the winner of the Slovenian cybersecurity product of the year 2019 award was announced. We are proud that NIL won the title with its Security Operations Center (SOC).

Efficient threat detection and response capabilities are the key mechanisms in modern cyber defense strategy because, on average, organizations still need over 100 days to identify that they are under a cyber-attack. In that context, SOC can significantly help organizations to improve this statistic as well as minimize the overall cyber-risks and potential business damage. We are, therefore, especially honored and proud that NIL’s SOC was named the leading SOC in Slovenia. Two years ago, we were the first on the Slovenian market with a SOC solution, and we invested significant efforts in development and positioning of the solution, and the results today are satisfied customers in Slovenia and from abroad. I would like to sincerely thank our customers for their trust as well as our experts who started the whole SOC project and who work hard every day to keep our clients’ business protected against cyber-attacks,” commented Beno Ceglar, CEO, NIL.

Matjaž Kosem, SOC business development manager, NIL, added: “We are very proud of this award because it proves that we are doing the right thing for our customers. There are always great people behind great solutions, and so I would like to thank each and every one of those who have contributed in bringing the SOC to the market and, now, who are successfully driving it further. I would especially like to thank our customers who had trust in us and in the solution from the start.

NIL’s SOC consists of experts, technologies, best practices, and proven methodologies, which when combined provide the highest level of threat detection and response. The solution was launched in 2018 and is today used by respected domestic and international organizations.