NIL secures the Cisco Gold Certified Partner title again

This status confirms the highest customer satisfaction and NIL’s expertise in Cisco’s technologies, making it one of the most highly accredited Cisco partners in Central and Eastern Europe. NIL has maintained the Cisco Gold Certified Partner status for the past 24 years.

Cisco Gold Certified Partner accreditation highlights credibility in the marketplace, the highest customer satisfaction, and outstanding performance in selling, installing, and supporting Cisco solutions. Once more, NIL has met all of the requirements set by Cisco, including those specific to personnel, support, and specializations, and has been recertified as a Cisco Gold Certified Partner in Southeast Europe. Cisco Gold Certified Partner designation proves NIL’s commitment to deliver excellent services and solutions to customers and emphasizes NIL’s market leadership in Cisco’s Data Center, Networking, Collaboration, Security, Service Provider, Cloud, and Automation/Orchestration solutions. In addition, NIL is also the only Tier 1 Cisco Partner in Slovenia.

Cisco is one of our key business partners and we are again very proud that we proved the depth of our relationship by successfully maintaining our Cisco Gold Certified Partner accreditation. NIL continuously invests in our employees’ expertise and new technologies, which enables us to provide our customers with IT solutions and services that empower their IT departments and change their way of doing business for the better,” commented Peter Mihelj, CEO, NIL.

NIL has been at the forefront of the advanced contributors to Cisco’s technologies, learning curriculum, and value-added solutions as a strategic partner since 1992. NIL first achieved Cisco Gold Certified Partner status in 1995 and has, to this day, succeeded in reconfirming it. The company has also been a Cisco Learning Partner since 1993 (today, Cisco Platinum Learning Partner), as an additional indication of its long tradition of Cisco expertise and proven track record.