NIL partners with Sandvine

NIL partners with Sandvine, leading provider of Network Policy Control and Deep Packet Inspection solutions

We recognized Sandvine as the best successor of the Cisco Service Control Engine (SCE) solutions.

Cisco announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life for the Cisco Service Control Engine (SCE) solution. In order to provide our customers with the optimal migration options, we have done a thorough technical analysis of leading vendors and recognized Sandvine as the best in Network Policy Control (NPC) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) segments.

Sandvine provides a single platform to introduce a unified, standards-compliant network policy control into any fixed, mobile or converged access network, at any scale. Because they focus exclusively on communications service providers, Sandvine comprehensively understands and anticipates the unique challenges network operators face, and implements appropriate features in its solutions to address these.

Cisco SCE and Sandvine comparison

Sandvine’s Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) solution replaces Cisco SCE as the DPI device, providing the policy enforcing function and deep packet inspection. Developed with respect to industry standards, PTS can be implemented in any type of access networks in both a virtual or physical form.

The Sandvine solution is complemented by two features—the Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB), which provides persistent storage of your network elements and per-subscriber usage information, and the Service Delivery Engine (SDE), which introduces standardized interfaces and policy control use cases.

With the help of NIL’s expertise, our customers can leverage Sandvine’s networking technology to get earlier access to a wider range of tools and more powerful capabilities.

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Equipped with extensive knowledge and rich experience, we can understand customer requirements of existing Cisco SCE solutions and map them to the Sandvine solutions. At the same time we can improve the solution with Sandvine-specific capabilities that make it stand out.

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