NIL partners with ExtraHop Networks

ExtraHop Networks offers a leading IT operations and wire analytics platform that provided real-time insights for solving IT issues and helping business grow.

ExtraHop Networks is among the most trusted IT operations and wire data analytics platform monitoring millions of systems and trillions of transactions per day.

ExtraHop’s stream analytics platform provides the fastest, richest, most complete visibility into all activity in your IT infrastructure. The ExtraHop platform transforms unstructured packets on the network into structured wire data, a new source of real-time business and IT insight. Hundreds of enterprises around the world have adopted this technology to proactively manage application performance, optimize their infrastructure, identify security threats, and analyze business operations. The solution helps IT Operations teams gain real-time insights,  which solves IT issues and helps business grow.

As ExtraHop Networks’s partner, we use their platform primarily for application performance monitoring and fine-tuning IT asset performance.

To learn more about ExtraHop and its capabilities, read Robert Turnšek’s latest blog “When Sniffer Meets Analytics and Big Data”.