NIL becomes F5 Silver UNITY Partner

NIL has met the requirements of the F5 EMEA UNITY Partner Program to resell F5 BIG-IP products. Furthermore, our experts have been certified to provide pre-sales and Level 1 Premium post-sales support to F5 BIG-IP customers.

In partnership with F5 and other leading security vendors, NIL offers a comprehensive set of security products and solutions. This includes application security services that meet customer compliance requirements, uphold regulation measures, and help our clients improve their overall IT environment security.

F5 Networks is the global leader in Application Delivery Networking. Their BIG-IP product family “Application Delivery Controller (ADC)” is positioned in front of Web servers or applications, balancing traffic and performing encryption, decryption, traffic analysis, maintaining connections with servers, acceleration and other functions aimed at improving applications’ performance, availability and security. The main benefits of implementing F5 technology is related to traffic balancing and ensuring high application availability through integration with solutions from leading technology vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, IBM and HP.

NIL’s accreditation as F5 Silver UNITY Partner importantly expands our selection of security solutions that cover all phases of the risk management process ranging from consultancy services, training, life cycle countermeasures, and design, to the implementation and management of security countermeasures. Specifically, the new designation displays the importance we place on constantly improving our portfolio and providing our customers with the best in security and application delivery technologies.