New MobileIron partner status

NIL awarded the highest MobileIron partner designation

Status Iron is a result of the successful work of our sales team as well as a proof of excellent technical expertise in MobileIron technologies.

MobileIron is one of the leading developers of mobile device and application management solutions. NIL has been its partner since 2012 and their technologies are one of the key components of our comprehensive solution for managing mobile users in a complex enterprise environments.

“Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in business, as they contribute to greater flexibility and efficiency. However, this correlation is not granted. Organizations have to provide the infrastructure that can support user expectations as well as business demands and limitations. And this is where our solution enters the story. Thanks to the combination of leading technologies, like MobileIron’s, and expert knowledge, the solution can help organizations to leverage business benefits of mobility while at the same time keep security risks at the lowest level.”

Dejan Miletić, Business Development Manager, NIL

Iron status partnership designation is a result of our success on the market as well as excellent cooperation with our customers.