NIL achieves Cisco CMSP Advanced status

Cloud and Managed Services Program Advanced (CMSP) certification confirms that NIL’s cloud and managed services are provided with enterprise-class reliability, security, and support.

NIL has achieved the Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) Advanced certification. CMSP is a comprehensive framework that acknowledges, helps to enable, and rewards Cisco partners who offer cloud and managed services based on Cisco technologies. The certification highlights NIL’s high level of expertise in selling, delivering, and supporting its cloud and managed services.

NIL among few in the region with this prestigious certification

To achieve the CMSP certification, NIL had to complete a rigorous third-party audit of its IaaS services. Additionally, NIL had to prove its long-standing commitment to and execution of rigorous standards and processes compliant to ITIL, proving that NIL ensures the highest level of customer care and user experience.

“CMSP sets the highest service quality standards, and we are extremely pleased of having received this important confirmation,” said Vasko Berden, CEO, NIL. “For our customers, this achievement emphasizes our ongoing commitment to provide them with leading technologies, help them in their business transformation, and maximize their cloud investment.”

By attaining the CSMP certification, NIL has also gained the right to use the Cisco Powered trademark for IaaS services such as Flex IT. This important designation guarantees that NIL’s cloud and managed services ensure enterprise-class reliability, security, and support. NIL’s cloud and managed services users therefore benefit from assured quality in service design and implementation.

About Flex IT public IaaS cloud platform

Flex IT is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) public cloud platform designed with a clear objective: to offer a solution that is more secure, reliable, and flexible that any comparable solution out there. An important key advantage of the Flex IT solution is its standardization. Its seamless operation is additionally supported with NIL Assist – the highest level of IT infrastructure care.

In addition to the Flex IT platform, clients can also benefit from consulting and implementing services that facilitate the shift from a private to a public infrastructure or the simultaneous application of both (hybrid cloud).

The Flex IT platform can host your applications that can form part of your existing closed information system or your e-services opened to the Internet. The appropriate service level is specified by the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Credibility of processes is demonstrated by the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. Flex IT resources are provided by the most advanced, high-performance and reliable IT infrastructure.

Download the PDF to learn more about Flex IT.