NIL achieves Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization

The  Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization designation demonstrates NIL’s focus on the highest customer satisfaction and our continuous efforts in identifying and delivering the value the clients seek in our solutions and services. NIL is the first Slovenian company to achieve this designation.

We’re proud to announce that NIL, part of the Conscia Group, has become one of the few Cisco partners to achieve Cisco’s Advanced Customer Experience Specialization in South East Europe. The accreditation demonstrates NIL’s ability to provide the highest level of service across all Cisco technologies and continuously support our customers with established customer success practices.

Customer success and high customer satisfaction are at the core of our relationships with our clients. We are extremely proud that this attitude was validated by achieving the Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specilization. It shows our services and support  are at the highest level and that we can provide the best customer experience throughout the entire lifecycle,” said Beno Ceglar, CEO of NIL Ltd.

In recent years, NIL has made significant internal investments  in trainings, process optimization, and a suite of new tools to enable the comprehensive customer support through the entire solution or service lifecycle; from on-boarding and support to the eventual upgrade. NIL now employs certified Customer Success Managers, trained Renewal Managers, and Adoption Consultants. They are supported by the expertise and audited processes of the Conscia Center of Excellence in Customer Experience (CX) (NIL is part of the Conscia Group). Together, they now ensure that in every NIL’s sale, a thorough focus is placed on identifying and delivering the value the customer seeks in measurable terms throughout the lifecycle of the delivered solution or service.

This approach isn’t limited to new products or solutions; we understand business use cases change, and we review the existing solution deployments to ensure our customers are adopting all of the relevant features and functionalities in the right way, and help them to expand these solutions successfully within their business. We also delivery regular technology strategies and roadmaps to ensure our customers have a clear vision.

NIL has been at the forefront of the advanced contributors to Cisco’s technologies, learning curriculum, and value-added solutions as a strategic partner since 1992. NIL first achieved the Cisco Gold Partner status in 1995 and has, to this day, succeeded in reconfirming it. The company has also been a Cisco Learning Partner since 1993 (today, a Cisco Learning Partner Specialized), as an additional indication of its long tradition of Cisco expertise and proven track record.

About NIL

NIL is a globally recognized provider of advanced data center, network, cloud, cyber security solutions as well as services for business and industry environments, state institutions, public organizations, and telecoms. By enabling a more efficient, secure, and reliable way of doing business, NIL helps organizations become more successful in the digitalized world. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with offices in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. NIL employs more than 180 experts.

NIL is part of the Conscia Group.