Case study: Online shop moves to Flex IT

Case study: One of the largest Slovenian online shops migrates to Flex IT

Big Bang, one of the largest retailers of electronics, computers and home appliances in Slovenia, moved their online store into NIL’s Flex IT public cloud to keep up with the growing amount of website traffic and to cut OPEX.

More and more of Big Bang’s customers are using its online store to either get information about products or to purchase them online. In order to keep up with the increasing website traffic and to ensure an excellent user experience, Big Bang had to constantly perform IT infrastructure upgrades. That was costly and time consuming, eventually convincing the company to look for a more long-term solution.

After cost analysis and research of technical possibilities, they decided to migrate their online store to Flex IT, NIL’s public cloud platform.“Flex IT solution on the one hand offers ‘everything that the big ones have’ and on the other hand we have a responsible person at NIL that we can always contact in case of any technical issues,” said Andrej Vidmar, Business Process & IT Manager, Big Bang.

Read the whole case study to learn more about the migration process and the benefits Big Bang gained by migrating to Flex IT.