SOC Orchestra: The symphony of security tools

Efficiency in SOC: automation and orchestration

Digitization is increasing the need to manage cyber risks. Because organizations find it very difficult to provide this, they hire the services of Security Operations Centers (SOCs). However, even in SOCs demands are growing and therefore the constant adjustments are crucial for adequate quality and reliability assurance.

NIL’s SOC uses automation and orchestration tools. In the lecture, David Kasabji, cybersecurity consultant at NIL, presented how this enables us to work significantly more efficiently, but at the same time does not reduce the quality of our services.


An example of paying off security debt

Firewalls are notorious for having a suboptimal policy configuration – from stale, years old rules that are no longer needed, to rules that allow wide access and represent a critical threat to the business. OCP Group wanted to eliminate these risks and asked NIL to help them improve the network access security of their data center.

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