Securing diverse IT environments with Cisco Tetration

How to protect your hybrid workloads?

Modern business is inherently dynamic. Change is the new imperative and that has a profound impact on IT:

  • Infrastructure is changing: the “data center perimeter” today includes the data center, remote mini data centers, and cloud infrastructure partners.
  • Application development is changing: today’s applications are dynamic, using heterogeneous virtualization, containerization, micro-services, and workload mobility technologies along with communication patterns between application components constantly changing.
  • Traffic patterns are changing: now, 76 percent of data center traffic is east-west, which is a fundamental change from the traffic patterns in the past.

All of these changes are also creating new attack vectors that cyber criminals can use to damage your business. Cisco Tetration is a purpose-built solution to address this new business reality. It leverages streaming telemetry, behavior analysis, unsupervised machine learning and artificial intelligence, and big data analytics to deliver pervasive visibility, automated intent-based policy, workload protection, performance management, and much more. As a unified platform, Cisco Tetration enables various teams to work together efficiently across organizational silos and integrates with an ecosystem of partner solutions to increase value throughout the IT data center environment.

Watch the webinar by Luka Dolenec and Jakob Jozelj, system engineers at NIL, to learn more about the key features and benefits of the Cisco Tetration solution and how you can use it to protect your diverse IT environment.