Pure Storage FlashArray: Business Continuity for Most Demanding Environments

Active-Active SDDC with Pure Storage FlashArray

Business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are typically complex. This is especially the case in dynamic organizations that operate with a lot of data and applications. Many would therefore like simpler storage solutions that their IT administrators can handle and don’t cost a fortune to run.

Pure Storage FlashArray is an active-active disaster recovery solution for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture. It transforms your data center into a true active-active infrastructure that ensures high availability and enables immediate recovery from outages. It is easy for managing and requires little prior storage knowledge.

Watch the lecture in which Mitja Robas, IT Architect at NIL dives into Pure Storage FlashArray family of solutions and explains their key advantages. He discusses lessons learned on a path of getting from an idea to a working active-active data center solution using the Pure Storage FlashArray.


The webinar covered:

  • Pure Storage active-active disaster recovery solutions overview
  • Use cases for Pure Storage ActiveCluster and ActiveDR solutions
  • Architectural requirements and typical implementation pitfalls

How much can you afford to lose?

In our extensive work with banks, insurance companies, government and security systems, we’ve developed systems, platforms, processes, and procedures that deliver robust backup and recovery systems, which protect you from data loss and – in case of a disaster – ensure you’ll be back in business in the shortest possible time. We cover the complete business continuity environment, from assessment, planning, installation and testing, and can provide business specific solution, for both on-premise and cloud data and services.