Microsoft Security Briefing

Key cybersecurity challenges in 2020 and how Microsoft technologies can help solve them

Cyber-crime is a big, organized business – the average cost of a security breach is seven figures in USD. And with an economic downturn just around the corner, we can expect cybercriminals to become even more aggressive. Therefore, it is crucial to keep cyber security on your corporate agenda and not lower your defenses. Watch the session and learn the key cybersecurity trends and how to efficiently protect your business against cybercriminals in 2020 and beyond. With cybersecurity experts from NIL and Microsoft, we dived into:

  • key vulnerabilities that you should pay attention to
  • real attacks and demonstrate how to defend against them with Microsoft technologies

In the online Microsoft Security Briefing, you will be able to listen to the following sessions and panel:

  • Cybersecurity in 2020 and beyond (Robert Turnšek, CTO, NIL Ltd.): We are in the middle of a clash of cyber-criminals’ and businesses’ business models. And judging by the numbers, the good guys are losing. On average, businesses need around 200 days to notice that they have been breached. An average security incident costs companies – even smaller organizations – around 3 million euros or more.What are the reasons behind these worrying statistics and how to address them? Robert Turnšek, CTO at NIL, will talk about the key trends in cyber-security and what strategies you should embrace to get a better ROI on what you spend on cyber-defense.
  • Demo: advanced cyberattacks and how to prevent them (Jan Češčut and Danijel Grah, cybersecurity analysts, NIL): In this practical presentation, you will see trending cyber-attacks in action and how to eliminate them with various Microsoft security solutions. The attacks will range from Spearphising, NTLM Relaying, and Pass-The-Hash to Credential Dumping. We will use and explain two models to frame the attacks: The Cyber Kill Chain and Mitre ATT&CK framework. Although the Cyber Kill Chain presents a steppingstone to a more scientific approach toward security, we will focus on Mitre ATT&CK as the current de facto model that all EDR vendors follow.
  • Q&A with NIL experts and Microsoft Security experts