Robert Turnšek

Chief Technology Officer

Even after two decades of experience in IT, Robert is as enthusiastic about technology as he was at the start of his career. You can still find him on a local chimney installing IoT devices and doing some tests. Just a few moments later, you can already hear him passionately explaining the business impact of the connected devices and what organizations should do about it.

On a more serious note, Robert’s interest in IT and his ability to embrace new technologies is remarkable. He brought the cloud to Slovenia and was part of the team that designed NIL’s Flip IT cloud solution, which later received an award for its innovative design and was adopted by leading global service providers. As a consultant, implementer, or architect, he has taken part in planning, designing, and implementing IT infrastructures globally. He was the lead architect of the Slovenian government cloud, and he was implementing SDN technologies (ACI, NSX) in production when they were more often still just topics in presentations rather than solutions in real IT environments.

Robert is one of the leading experts on Cisco, VMware, and Microsoft cloud, data center, and networking technologies. Since 2004, he has complemented his technical skills with managerial experience. He has managed various departments and teams at NIL, under titles ranging from IT Manager, to Customer Support Manager, and Special Projects Director. Today, he holds the position of Chief Technology Officer. His main challenge is to map business demands to the best of what technology can provide for achieving the required business goals.

    Cisco Certified CCIE