Jernej Galjanič

Cybersecurity analyst

Jernej is a Cyber Security Analyst at NIL, his main role in the Security Operations Centre is to detect and prevent security incidents. In addition, as a Technical Account Manager for several clients, he is responsible for communication and coordination with their teams. He is currently working on the integration of Kenna Security with the Security Operations Centre’s existing systems, which will significantly improve the criticality assessment of vulnerabilities at clients. As a graduate in Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, Jernej combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. In addition, his professionalism and dedication have been further recognised by the SC-200 and OSDA certifications, which certify his knowledge in the field of cyber security. Jernej is not satisfied with his existing knowledge, but strives for continuous education and growth in his rapidly evolving field. His approach to his work reflects a combination of technical sophistication and innovation, which enables him to effectively address the challenges in the field of cyber security.