NIL consults with Inwi

NIL consults with Inwi, a major Moroccan mobile and data Service Provider

In its pursuit of excellence, Inwi, one of the largest Moroccan telecommunications companies, asked NIL for consultancy support on selecting the best Metro Ethernet topology to serve Inwi customers.

NIL’s Damjan Markovič, CCIE #17025, worked closely with Inwi technical personnel on this two-step process, consisting of:

  • a design review of Metro Ethernet and
  • selecting the most suitable architecture to meet Inwi’s expectations.

Markovič’s help contributed to the fast and efficient conclusion of these phases. However, the project didn’t stop at that point, because Markovič will also monitor the implementation, which will be carried out by Inwi’s selected vendor.

Inwi Metro Ethernet is a key evolution for Inwi, giving the company the capacity to provide full IP services to its customers throughout the country of Morocco.