Collaboration with this kind of engineer is easy. even at 3am.

Collaboration with this kind of engineer is easy. even at 3am.

A short while ago we were upgrading the system for an uninterruptible power supply and when we wanted to set up the infrastructure (switches, servers, disks) we could not establish a connection between the ESX-hosts and a third of the disks. Therefore I decided to call NIL’s expert for help.

A little bit before midnight I sent an SMS-message to NIL’s engineer Marko Kariž, who immediately called me back so we could discuss the issue in more detail. Although he was at home, he connected to our infrastructure and checked the environment. He found that the problem was not trivial and there was apparently an issue with our vSphere version. He called VMware for help, however, during the night their support service was not available. So he continued to research on his own and by 3am the hosts could access all the disks. I could only say thank you, Marko. I and my colleague then managed to set up the complete infrastructure so our coworkers could start to work normally in the morning.

I have been working for Generali for 14 years and in all these years of our partnership with NIL, Marko Kariž has proved himself as an outstanding engineer. He has an excellent understanding of Cisco, EMC, VMware and HP technologies and he has always been willing to share his knowledge with us. But it is not just knowledge where Marko stands out. The situation described above was not the first that we have resolved together and he has helped us on many, at least for me, pretty nervous occasions. His reaction was always calm and it was never difficult for him to help, even when he was not at work and he could tell me to call the engineer on duty. But no, he always helped me to resolve the situation and set up at least a temporary operational environment.

A couple of years ago while I was on vacation I got a message on my mobile phone during the night: “EMC is down.” You can take one guess who I called… To conclude, it is a pleasure to work with people like Marko Kariž. Even at 3am. These kinds of experts and their willingness to help and solve the problems are the great added value of the NIL Assist service.

Marko Košir, IT-systems department manager, Generali zavarovalnica d.d.


Project information

Within its NIL Assist service, NIL provides Generali zavarovalnica d.d. with technical support in its IT-infrastructure management and problem solving. Marko Kariž is a dedicated engineer and the first to contact when a technical problem arises.

About the client

Generali first came to the Slovene market in 1996. Since then, Generali zavarovalnica d.d. has been constantly growing and evolving. Consequently, they have become the largest foreign insurer in Slovenia. At present, the company employs over 300 people, its sales network consists of 9 sales offices throughout the country, about 130 exclusive agencies, over 250 autonomous agencies, and over 30 companies which perform technical vehicle control.