Orchestration & Automation: Is Your Network Ready for 10 Billion Connections? (Live webcast)

Event Summary

Cisco recently announced the Layered Services Architecture (LSA), an innovation to the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f that paves the way for service providers to support the next order of magnitude of devices in their networks. Customers adopting NSO’s technology will benefit from the future horizontal scalability and performance enhancements to the industry’s most advanced and flexible service orchestration platform. NSO provides end-to-end lifecycle service automation to design and deliver high-quality services more quickly and more easily.

As service providers look toward the demands of cloud-scale networking, their legacy management tools and process are stretched to a breaking point of scalability and complexity. Cisco NSO with LSA raises network scalability to a new level and enables management of more than a million multivendor network devices.

Join the Cisco Knowledge Network webinar in which our orchestration experts, along with Cisco, will explain Cisco’s NSO solution and how the LSA innovation enables near-infinite scalability. We will also share real-life case study examples of the business benefits that can be yielded through network orchestration and automation.

Event led by:

John Malzahn, Senior Manager, Cloud and Virtualization Solutions Marketing, Cisco

Bostjan Sustar, IT Architect, Networking, NIL -> See Bio
Carl Moberg, Technology Director, Cloud and Virtualization Group, Cisco