Building software-defined Data Center with VMware NSX at DIGS event in Zurich

Introduction to SDDC and VMware NSX

The day will start with a morning session sponsored by NIL. The introductory presentation by Ivan Pepelnjak ( AG) will explain the need for software-defined data centers in modern IT environment, its fundamental concepts, and architectural approaches used by vendors like VMware or Cisco.

The second presentation by our IT Architect, Mitja Robas will focus on a practical deployment case study – Mitja has designed and built software-defined data center infrastructure for numerous large customers and will share his successes and lessons learned.

Mitja will start his presentation by discussing SDDC and VMware NSX solution design, particularly the sizing implications that are extremely important if you want to have seamless implementation and day-2 operations experience. whose important part is sizing, is tightly interrelated not only with implementation but operations also. He’ll also cover the operational aspects of migration to NSX, change management, updates, and upgrades, scaling, maintaining and monitoring the NSX environment.

The rest of the morning is dedicated to a roundtable discussion focused on real-life challenges of introducing SDDC concepts into existing IT organizations, in particular, the boundaries between application development and operations groups.


The Introduction to SDDC and VMware NSX part of the DIGS event will be following by an afternoon workshop led by Ivan Pepelnjak and focused on VMware NSX architecture.
The workshop will cover these topics:

  • Software-Defined Data Center components;
  • VMware NSX architecture and components, covering both NSX for vSphere and NSX-T;
  • Role of VMware NSX in a SDDC;
  • Principles of overlay virtual networks;
  • Controller-based overlay virtual network switching;
  • NSX layer-2 and layer-3 gateways, distributed routers and service routers;
  • Implementing routing for virtual environments with NSX;
  • Microsegmentation and distributed virtual firewalls;
  • Cross-vCenter deployments;
  • Automating NSX

Join us for great discussions. For more information and registration, visit DIGS event page.