How you prepare for the NIS2 directive

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The implementation of the EU’s NIS2 Directive into member-state law is scheduled for 2024. This directive now encompasses a wider range of sectors and imposes more stringent obligations on both your organization and your suppliers. Also, stronger penalties are introduced, not only for your organization but also for decision-makers like yourself.

Watch the webinar recording to discover the potential impact of NIS2 on your organization and learn how to prepare for it.

Today, we are all interconnected across EU countries, which means that the inadequate cybersecurity of a foreign organization is no longer solely their concern. Additionally, the number of cross-border cyberattacks has increased, highlighting the need for the EU to implement a robust security directive. The Network and Information Security Directive 2 (NIS2 Directive – Directive (EU) 2022/2555) has been developed to address this issue. Find out how it affects you in our webinar.


  • NIS 2 – what, why, when, and for whom?
  • How can it affect you – and your suppliers?
  • What measures should you take?


  • Caroline Dristig, Information Security Consultant, Conscia Sweden
  • Kajsa Rosnes Bogen, Information Security Consultant, Conscia Norway