Securely to the clouds and beyond: Secure SD-WAN as a Service

Secure access anywhere

Many related factors and processes compete for attention when migrating to the cloud or establishing a hybrid workforce model. Not everything gets its fair share. Deadlines must be met, and budgets are limited. Compromises are taken. So, we should not be surprised at all that 79% of companies have experienced at least one cloud data breach in the past 18 months (source).

And that’s just the security side of it. Distributed infrastructures and cloud-based applications also require flexibility, performance, high availability, and reliability. So how to make it all work together? Can you make it work?


Watch the webinar: Securely to the clouds and beyond: Secure SD-WAN as a Service to learn more about merging the networking and security functions in a single managed service and protecting your data, workforce, and applications – regardless of where they are.


  • Distributed infrastructures and a business case for security-driven SD-WAN as a Service
  • Conscia`s take on SD-WAN, SASE and optimizing the connectivity underlay
  • Use case: Roll-out options, SLAs, pricing


  • Johan Camps, Senior Product Manager, Managed Services, Conscia
  • Fredrik Dahlgren, Head of Cloud Services, Conscia

SD-WAN and SASE – The journey to a more secure network

Learn how to provide high-performance, scalable and secure network to all employees, no matter where they are, using SD-WAN and SASE approach.

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