Is your cyber defense strategy a waste of money?

Numbers don’t lie. In spite of all the investment and technological upgrades over the years, hackers remain a step or two ahead of most organizations. Everyone gets compromised. On average, businesses need around 200 days to notice that they have been breached. An average security incident costs companies around 3 million euros or more, even with smaller organizations. Why is it like this and how to improve these worrying numbers?

Watch the webinar where Jan Bervar, leading security architect at Conscia (NIL is part of Conscia) explained what is wrong with our cyber defenses and how to get a better ROI on the money that you invest in cybersecurity.

The webinar covered:

  • Key problems of cyber defense and the limits of prevention approaches.
  • Detection and response tactics and their advantages.
  • How NIL`s Security Operations Center (SOC) helps our customers address business loss.


Case Study: Banks that take cybersecurity seriously use a SOC

Delavska hranilnica savings bank is pursuing a strategic approach to cybersecurity in its continuing push to go digital and offer advanced digital products. This makes it crucial to effectively detect and respond to potential cyber threats, a feat made possible by the NIL Security Operations Centre (SOC), which is considered by the bank as the most comprehensive SOC service on the market.

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