Ensure a flawless digital experience and business impact with Cisco FSO

In this webinar, we highlighted some of the key use cases for Cisco Full-Stack Observability and discussed future developments.

How do you take control of the digital experience and proactively detect and fix issues?

Cisco FSO enables your business to use application telemetry to gain insights and focus on the digital user experience and business value. It becomes possible for organizations to get an overall picture of the entire supply chain, from the customer to the technical components, to very effectively reduce the blame game, which is otherwise typical in the complex application landscape.

Cisco FSO also provides unique capabilities to unify application and security domains and to protect your applications in production. We highlighted some of the key use cases for Cisco FSO, as well as discussed future developments:

  • Better troubleshooting
  • Flawless digital experience
  • Faster development
  • Higher security


  • Özgur Soysuren, Solution Architect, Conscia
  • Christoffer Laxvik, Senior Solutions Engineer, Cisco
  • Fekri Darkaoui, Systems Engineer, Cisco