Cyberwarfare and its Impact on Your Business

Destructive malware’s capabilities against your organization

Cybersecurity analysts have already identified malware that was specifically developed to attack Ukraine. HermeticWiper or Whisper Gate malware is known and being used in cyberwarfare.

Do these technologies also pose a threat to entities that have nothing to do with the war? What is the risk for organizations if/when cybercriminals get their hands on the aforementioned or similar malware? Should you do something about it?


We discussed these questions on our Cyberwarfare and its Impact on your Business. Jan Bervar and David Kasabji, security experts from Conscia Group (NIL is part of Conscia Group), presented the latest cyberwarfare threat intelligence. They also explain how to use these findings to improve your cyberdefenses.

Industrial Cybersecurity and how to protect OT environments?

The basics of OT environments, their design, their potential threats and adequate IT protection.