NIL on RIPE South East Europe (SEE) Meeting

The goals of this meeting were

  • Encourage the cooperation of operators from countries in this region enabling them to exchange information and discuss the issues that affect them
  • Enable the RIPE NCC to further support Local Internet Registries (LIRs) in this region
  • Present the latest developments in the Internet industry and to identify, discuss and solve the specific issues that affect operators working in this region

More about nil’s session

Title: Management and Orchestration in Complex and Dynamic Environment

Speaker: Rok Arzenšek, Consulting Engineer at NIL

In a large network environment, management and service delivery are time-consuming. The additional challenge is also the “non-resistance” of a network to mistakes, which are usually a result of a manual deployment. The transactional approach addresses precisely this challenge, but is this the only prerequisite for the effective service management?

In this presentation, we will present how standardization can contribute to a successful service orchestration in the SDN environment and what could be achieved by proper system design. We will highlight how both aspects can ensure an effective and easier service management and orchestration in the network environment.