NIL at vNIC 2018

Join the community accelerating their expertise in Virtual Networking

Networking Innovation Community event – vNIC 2018, organised by the VMware NSX Team, is a great opportunity for meeting networking and security specialists, as well as VMware executives, and to learn how the infrastructure world is changing. It is also a great chance for you to prepare your next career step in networking & security virtualisation technologies, and network with your peers.

The vNIC agenda consists of four blocks:

  • Why networking and security folks changing to virtualisation, includes customer success story
  • Learn about our Virtual Cloud Network vision including deep dive sessions with focus on NSX-T, SD-WAN, AppDefense and vRNI
  • Get more learning and certification tips and offers
  • Collaborate while enjoying some nice snacks and beer

NIL’s Mitja Robas on Data Center Automation

On the first day of the conference will our expert Mitja Robas deliver the presentation Make Data Center Network Automation Your Friend.

Though designing and sizing a data center solution is important, many tend to forget about day 0 to day 2 operations i.e. implementing changes, updates and upgrades, scaling, maintaining, and monitoring the solution… These are all important parts of a solution’s life cycle. A seasoned IT professional will agree that we rarely see a greenfield project but rather a migration or an upgrade of an existing environment. Such projects almost certainly consist of multiple components – think about physical and then virtual workloads, now adding the realm of containers – the network must provide common ground for all though they may have quite different requirements. The pace of changes, the scale of environments, the lifespan of instances, and sheer complexity (even though it’s under the hood) is beyond the abilities of manual administration. Automation can be our friend in saving time, omitting errors and faults, and pursuing operational nirvana. We’ll take a down-to-earth look at the automation, the benefits and challenges, discuss how it can be used, and show that automation does help operating nowadays environments more efficiently.

More information and registration

Visit the vNIC 2018 website to learn more about the event, speakers, presentations and to register.