NIL at VMware vForum

Software Defined-Data Center with VMware NSX

NIL’d data center expet Mitja Robas will deliver the following presentation at the conference.

  • Stepping into SDDC with VMware NSX (Mitja Robas): VMware NSX solution design, whose important part is sizing, is tightly interrelated not only with implementation but also operations. Implementing changes, updates and upgrades, scaling, maintaining, and monitoring the solution are all an important part of the solution life cycle. A typical solution may have multiple vCenter Servers and may even be deployed over more than just a single location. Since such a solution is never a greenfield project, the migration from the existing environment cannot be omitted either. Taking all of that into account brings automation close, waiting just around the corner so that we can make brave steps into SDDC and turn VMware NSX into an even more flexible solution.