NIL at RISK 2019 Conference

Security debt

Conference RISK 2019 is the largest specialized information security event in the Adriatic region. With its 600 IT professionals, technology experts and decision makers from 26 countries it provides an engaging experience through an in-depth, varied program in 6 halls, a dedicated networking area, as well as a spectacle on the main stage. You will get a first person view of the new technologies and solutions, experience real life use cases, learn about local case studies and also discuss the global market challenges. All this will be done through a series of keynote speeches, company and solution presentations, interactive workshops, technical demonstrations and overall networking of all participants throughout the 20th and 21st of March 2019 in Congress Centre Thermana Park Laško, Slovenia.

NIL’s Jan Bervar, IT architect will deliver the following presentation:

You are probably familiar with the phrase “technical debt”, which describes the consequences of all the bad choices and shortcuts we have taken in IT over the years. So, it’s not difficult to guess what the security debt is, and who is today responsible for repaying it. As some of us are head over heels in debt, we will take a look at some (more and less) successful strategies for getting out of it.


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NIL is a gold sponsor of RISK 2019.