NIL at Cloud Expo Europe

Cloud Expo Europe is the largest dedicated cloud event in the world. Cloud Expo Europe returned on 12-13 April 2016 with the biggest and best instalment to date. This year’s event brought an unrivalled lineup of world-class suppliers to the cloud technology sector, thousands of hours of free content from over 500 of the industry’s leading international practitioners and first class peer networking opportunities.

NIL was there presenting our best IT platforms and cloud solutions at Booth #834.

The NIL team was there with our best IT Architect, presenting our advance IT platforms and Cloud orchestration software through our Typical Engagements.

Typical engagements for Enterprise / Goverment

  • Traditional and leading-edge data centers
  • Optimal IaaS or PaaS solutions for specific customer vertical workloads
  • Cloud readiness assessments and migration plans
  • Temporary and permanent workload migrations between
  • infrastructures (data center extension)
  • Hybrid infrastructures (connectivity, federation,…)
  • Cost-effective and agile test/development environments
  • Migration from classic DC to SDDC, or between virtualization/automation vendors
  • Highly-automated VDI and other EUC solutions
  • Disaster recovery and backup using local or hybrid storage

Typical engagements for Service providers and Cloud Service providers

  • Design and implementation of CSP infrastructure, platforms, and applications
  • Creation of CSP customer interfaces for hybrid clouds
  • ITaaS design and implementation (DaaS, TPaaS, IPTaaS,…)
  • Custom automation and self-service for internal or customerfacing services 

NIL with the speaking slot at the conference

Title: Evolving Data Center Infrastructure to SDDC Architecture
Conference Theatre: Software Defined Data Centre and Networks & DCIM Theatre
Day: Weds 13th April
Time: 14:45 – 15:10
Speaker: Mitja Robas, IT Architect, NIL 

More about the session:

Data Center infrastructure should allow IT administrators and operations teams to meet their management and support nirvana by vaporizing the spells and curses related to the environment. SDDC is a platform that promises catching that unicorn by enabling true flexible and scalable infrastructure while keeping or even enhancing security at multiple levels.

SDN, NFV, All-Flash-Storage, virtualization and automation play key role in rolling out SDDC solution. Selecting proper components, tools, hardware infrastructure, etc by keeping in mind not only technical but also operational and business aspects as part of the details that help achieving the aforementioned SDDC nirvana.

The presentation will discuss the path along with obstacles of getting from an idea to a working SDDC solution based on a real-life example with tools and components available along that journey.