NIL at Cisco Connect Slovenia with NFV – from idea to practice

NIL with two sessions in the conference program

Our IT architect Boštjan Šuštar presented the aspect of NFV from the technical and business perspective.

  • Technical track: Implementing NFV – real-life journey from idea to practice (15th March 2017, 13.20 – 14.10 pm)
    Most Network Function Virtualization (NFV) overviews offer a laundry list of technology, features, and settings, which make up a completed solution. This is not only intimidating; it also help us understand what we can expect from a practical implementation scenario. The session will offer an easily understandable technical overview of how an NFV solution is designed and deployed in practice, as well as realistic maintenance and development expectations which follow a successful launch. A high-level example of an NFV solution architecture will be presented where Cisco NSO is used to orchestrate NFV in a virtualized environment while ensuring end-to-end service orchestration across the entire scope of involved infrastructure including physical as well as virtual resources.
  • Business track: Implementing NFV – what’s in IT for the business? (16. March 2017, 09.30 – 10.00 am)
    Network Function Virtualization (NFV) provides the next major step in how a business’s network services can be implemented. The main rationale behind NFV is the ongoing effort by businesses to reduce costs of non-core business activities (more specifically networking as its part of IT) while on the other side service providers are seeking to increase the added value of their service offerings by providing ever more enterprise-class services to their business customers. The third viable use case for NFV is to introduce a higher level of flexibility and scalability of network functions in large enterprises by leveraging NFV internally in their own environment. The session will offer an overview of both the business benefits and challenges of NFV, and compare these to the traditional networking approaches. The discussion will cover NFV business characteristics from the perspective of service providers and enterprises.

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