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Title: How to Be Successful with SDDC (The Devil is in the Details)
Conference Theatre: Located in Breakout 4
Day: Thursday 19th May
Time: 13:55 – 15:10
Speaker: Mitja Robas, IT Architect, NIL 

More about the session and speaker

How to Be Successful with SDDC (The Devil is in the Details), by Mitja Robas
The idea of Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) says, that a new, better way of building IT infrastructure is using more sophisticated software backed by commodity hardware. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. To achieve the SDDC nirvana, it turns out that the underlying hardware infrastructure does matter in order to omit the support and compatibility hell. As always, the devil is in the details, with practice showing that those details should not be overlooked when planning SDDC roll-out. You’ll learn:

  • How to get from an idea to a working SDDC solution
  • What today is really possible, based on personal experience from SDDC migration journey
  • The gotchas in real-life SDDC implementation
  • What needs to be considered when planning and deploying SDDC

Session Takeaway: You’ll understand what SDDC is about and the hardware gotchas for SDDC solution for compute, network and storage components, including SDN & NFV and their role in SDDC architecture.

Mitja Robas, IT Architect, NIL
Mitja is a leading data center expert, with more than fifteen years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting high-demand data centers, complex networks and virtualization solutions that NIL has done all over the world. Apart from field and consulting engineer role, he acts also as an instructor and content developer for specialized courses and workshops, sharing his knowledge with engineers around the world.
Lately he’s been mostly interested in all-flash storage, software defined networking and cloud computing, exercising his curiosity in testing and analyzing those solutions

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