NIL at Bled Strategic Forum 2020

The Combo AmCham Business Breakfast will discuss also cybersecurity risks

Any state wishing to rise to the challenges of the new reality will have to be a state with active citizenship, innovative business practices, agile public administration, and trusted academia and experts. In today’s world facing a dynamic shift, with fundamental changes in everyday life, business and management, cooperation is a core value driving the progress of any modern society. Having an open dialogue and a good model of broad stakeholder participation yields progress, innovation, fast decisions, proactivity and security, and what is more, guarantees the country a competitive edge and ensures a high quality of life.

What countries have the best models of such cooperation and are considered success stories at the global level? What is the level of stakeholder cooperation in the region and worldwide? What constitutes successful cooperation and what are the main ingredients for success? What can we do to improve cooperation at the national level and beyond?

We will try to answer these as well as some additional questions at the Combo AmCham Business Breakfast: Collaboration between Businesses, State, Civil Society, and Academia as the Right Response to the New Normal which will open this year’s Bled Strategic Forum 2020. NIL and the Conscia Group will be represented by Jan Bervar, cybersecurity architect at the Conscia Group, who will try to explain the key challenges in the field of cybersecurity and cyber risk management.