Automate Everything: NIL & ipSpace joint Network Automation 3-Day Workshop

Workshop Contents

Each day in this 3-day workshop is split into two parts:

  • Theory mixed with hands-on examples in the mornings
  • Practical examples and demos in the afternoons

The theory part of the workshop covers these topics:

  • Network automation fundamentals
  • Open-source network automation tools
  • Data models
  • Typical network automation use cases

The practical examples include:

  • Generating and deploying device configurations
  • Automating virtualized data center environments covering compute, storage, and networking virtualization
  • Automated service provisioning
  • What is network automation?
  • Where does it make sense and where can you use it?
  • From operated networks to self-driving networks
  • Typical challenges and pitfalls


  • Day 1 (Morning) – Network Automation Fundamentals
  • Day 1 (Afternoon) – Automating Virtualized Environments
  • Day 2 (Morning) – Open Source Network Automation Tools
  • Day 2 (Afternoon) – Beyond a Single Data Center
  • Day 3 (Morning) – Data Models and Use Cases
  • Day 3 (Afternoon) – Data Model Based Orchestration System


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Team behind the workshop


Ivan Pepelnjak, ipSpace

Ivan Pepelnjak (CCIE#1354 Emeritus) implemented his first network automation solution in the mid-1990s, presented SDN and Network Automation solutions at Interop, Troopers, RIPE and other regional ISP meetings, and delivered numerous on-site SDN and network automation workshops for large enterprises and service providers. Read Full Bio
Mitja Robas (CCIE #12907, VCIE-VN) is a data center expert with more than fifteen years of experience in designing, implementing, and supporting high-demand data centers, and has deployed complex networks and virtualization solutions all over the world. Read Full Bio  

Mitja Robas, IT Architect, NIL


Boštjan Šuštar, IT Architect, NIL

Boštjan Šuštar (CCIE #2387) is a leading network orchestration and automation expert, primarily engaged in consulting projects on network services provisioning and network function virtualization in complex enterprise and carrier-grade networks. He also has extensive experience in network security and data center networking technologies.