Polona S. Črnigoj

Director, Content Development

Currently on maternity leave.

Polona has acted in a variety of professional roles throughout her career, however she has always worked in IT. For almost 10 years, she worked as a training center manager because she finds the IT education business particularly meaningful and full of purpose. Essentially, you help people to learn new, useful skills, and help them make progress in their careers.

She was appointed Content Development Director at NIL in 2019 with an objective to expand and lead NIL’s training content development line of business into the future. Polona believes this can be achieved only with hard work, reliability, quality, and the ability to quickly embrace and master the newest technologies. Her vision is to establish NIL as the most trusted content development partner in its own niche segment, and to create a brand that is a synonym for the modern, interactive, and engaging educational materials of the highest quality.

Customers appreciate Polona’s understanding of their expectations, especially because of her knowledge of the training delivery side of IT education, and the kind of training material students expect and like. She aims for sincere, trust-based, and long-term business relationships that are beneficial for all involved parties. She believes sincere communication and trust are crucial in establishing this kind of level of business partnerships, especially if NIL wants to be a company that helps customers bring the newest and most advanced IT skills to the market.