Marjan Bradeško

Director of Conscia Center of Excellence (CCoE)

Marjan Bradeško has always practiced this principle: if you know something, if you experienced something, if you learned something – tell. That’s exactly what he has done throughout his many years at NIL, and he continues to strive to do it today in his role of Director of Conscia Center of Excellence (CCoE).

Marjan was involved in learning services even prior to joining NIL in 1991. He came from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana, where he was a teaching assistant. Soon after he joined NIL, the company became a Cisco Systems VAR, and Marjan’s subsequent years are all “flavored” with Cisco. In all his various roles – from network engineer, consultant, or instructor to various management positions – his major goal has always been to educate, teach and help people to achieve competencies in whatever they do. He has always been passionate about the importance of enthusiastic presentation of high-quality content to motivated people. He has long aided NIL employees in excelling at presentation skills and creating content to help NIL customers achieve competencies in IT and communications technologies. Marjan has also been heavily involved in promoting networking, Internet, cloud and similar new technologies, publishing articles in numerous magazines.

Through his transitions from software engineer to his current position enabling knowledge exchange and building competencies in the Conscia group, Marjan has gained broad knowledge and many competencies that he gladly shares with customers and coworkers. As a networking veteran, he has seen frequent technology reinventions, and he has had to learn and relearn repeatedly as innovative solutions have revolutionized the industry.

Marjan’s passion for sharing his experiences is reflected in his private life as well. As an enthusiastic traveler and nature lover, especially of mountains, he has published many articles and books on nature and beautiful places of the world. In addition, he writes articles and books on presentation skills, sales, learning, talent development and motivation showing everyone that competencies are not given, but rather are a merging of talent, learning and hard work.