Katarina Primožič Ramoveš

People and culture officer

Katarina knows that people, culture, and relationships are the key building blocks of every organization. Success is always a consequence of the efforts of a team that shares values and a vision, in which every individual contributes their fair share. And even more important – good relationships among colleagues and coworkers, sincerity, honesty, transparency, and motivation make all the difference when challenges arise. At times, when written strategies sound shallow, organizations have to show their true character.

Her mission at NIL is, therefore, clear – to empower each individual and the whole collective as much as possible. She joined the company in early 2019 with over a decade of experience in leading human resources positions in private and public organizations. As her main challenge at NIL, she points out the preservation and upgrade of the culture during the company’s fast growth, increase of employees, expansion on foreign markets, and transformation from a medium-sized business into a large organization, integrated into the international corporate environment. She wants NIL to remain an organization in which employees feel great and have attractive options for personal and professional development. An organization that cares about people and enables a positive work-life balance. She wants NIL to also be a major company that remains the best place to work in Slovenia and that the employees will proudly say that they work at NIL. The role of human resources will be crucial in this transition and she is confident in achieving success. She’ll rely on a transparent, sincere, and hearty approach.

Katarina’s interest in people and culture goes beyond the workplace. She is a cofounder of the Slovenian branch of Toastmasters, a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. She holds a master’s degree in employment law and enjoys dancing and a cup of good coffee.