Gordan Božičević

Director, Cloud and Managed Services

Gordan Božičević joined NIL in 2011, after he spent more than a decade at Deutsche Telekom acting in different managerial roles. During that time he gained rich experience with strategical planning, matching business needs and technological possibilities, product and project management, team management and business development.

His career at NIL has always been linked to managed services and cloud computing. At first he was the head of managed services, responsible for Flip IT service business development on international markets. Among the biggest successes of that period are partnerships with organizations such as Verizon Business (UK), Vodacom (South Africa), Tech Data Europe (UK), Cisco (USA) and Mobily (KSA).

On the basis of these successes and his good insights in the telecommunication market, in 2015 he was appointed to the position of Director of Cloud and Managed Services. Gordan strongly believes that cloud and managed services are the token for the future. Managed services in particular and the cloud as the contemporary means. In this future, companies are focused on their core competencies as their business. Investing 100% of their time into growing their competencies makes them competitive and sustainable on the market. All the rest support functions, like IT or accounting, are outsourced to the professionals in those particular fields and consumed as a service. This is exactly what NIL’s managed services are all about. Making the service highly professional and highly valuable to customers.

His vision is to bring NIL among the best companies in the cloud computing market. NIL has always been a technological leader, therefore Gordan’s main task is to even further improve NIL’s market recognition and expand its business on new markets.

Gordan Božičevič is a graduate of electrical engineering. He loves to spend his free time with his family (if possible, somewhere at the Croatian seaside), you can often find him on golf courses, and he is also interested in traditional crafts and art.