Davor Šišić

Head of Technical Resource Management

Davor Šišić was introduced to the world of computers by his uncle at a very young age. He’s had experience with several different types of home computers by the end of elementary school so enrolling into a high school for computer science was an expected choice. Since then he’s been tied to computers and always finds something new to keep him focused.

Before joining the NIL family in 1999, Šišić worked shortly as a student at the distribution department of the Slovenian Railways. He gained his first real-life IT experience during his 2-year student work as a member of NIL’s web team. His enthusiasm in managing projects was soon discovered and he was transferred to the project management team. His main focuses in that period were content development projects where his good technical background and editing skills helped him achieve all goals set by his management.

When NIL opened its subsidiary in South Africa in the spring of 2009 Šišić was offered an opportunity to expand his horizon by working in a renowned international company—he joined the project management team at Cisco Systems – Advanced Services in South Africa. His great work did not go unnoticed and resulted in a promotion to the Training and Consulting Manager when he returned back to NIL 6 months later.

During his work Šišić formed successful and long-lasting relationships with co-workers at NIL as well as customers. Under his mentorship, a new team of project managers was build and his years of appointing engineers to different projects enabled him to become the best choice for a new role—Head of Technical Resource Management.

Outside of his work Šišić likes to spend time with family and friends who welcome his sense of humor and open mind. His grandparents taught him to love nature and animals, which remains an important part of his life. He loves traveling but is yet to achieve his main goal—visit countries on all continents.