Aleš Zakrajšek

Director, System Integration

Aleš Zakrajšek has broad experience from the IT field and excellent knowledge of the cybersecurity, advanced networking, data center and cloud, and productivity solution portfolios. Zakrajšek believes IT plays an important role in the overall success of organizations and that companies should strive to fully exploit the business potential of their IT infrastructure and solutions. He advocates the adoption of technologies that affect bottom line and deliver real business value to his clients. Thanks to his technical background, he also knows how to achieve these benefits and how to integrate the IT solutions in business processes. The proof for that is a long list of implementations that NIL’s clients consider beneficial and happened due to Aleš’s suggestions.

He joined NIL in 2000 as a student and has spent practically his whole career in sales. Functioning in different roles—from sales engineer, account manager to the director of the Slovenian sales department—he gained great insight into the Slovenian IT market and earned the trust of many Slovenian companies, government institutions and public organizations. In his current position he is trying to build on that experience and further expand NIL’s system integration services on the Slovenian market and especially on international markets.

Aleš Zakrajšek holds a degree in telecommunications. He is married and has two sons. In his free time he enjoys running and cycling; he is also a regular participant of the 156 km long annual marathon Franja.