Mentored Install Network Training (MINT)

Mentored Install Network Training (MINT)

The Mentored Install Network Training (MINT) initiative by Cisco is an authorized hands-on training program that helps you gain skills and master best practices while deploying Cisco solutions. By combining mentoring and installation, MINT programs accelerate the adoption and deployment of new Cisco solutions in your environment and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

MINT programs provide you with the following benefits:

  • Minimize Risk: Mitigate deployment risk by letting experienced experts take the lead
  • Time to Value: Accelerate the time from sales to customer value in order to drive the expansion opportunities
  • Hands-on training: Develop expertise to ensure that you create a sustainable services practice


NIL is an authorized Cisco partner for providing MINT programs for ACI, DNA Center, DNA Spaces, Full Stack Observability (FSO), Intersight Services, Intersight Workload Optimization (IWO), ISE, Network Security, Nexus Dashboard, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), SD-WAN, and UCS/HyperFlex technologies. We have extensive experience delivering various MINT projects to organizations worldwide that have resulted in high customer satisfaction and faster particular technology adoption.

Mint Program Offering – Tailored to Your Needs

Our portfolio of MINT offerings are a combination of mentoring and implementation services as well as the cover design, planning, and deployment phases. They are based on best practices and field-proven approaches. MINT projects are led by experienced SMEs that provide both remote and on-site delivery and support.

In addition, our MINT programs are fully customizable. This means that the basic scope is predefined in order to ensure the best practices and key objectives are covered. However, the exact delivery is tailored to your specific environment and requirements, thereby ensuring the optimal outcome of the service.

Currently, we offer MINT programs for the following technologies:

NIL – Official Cisco Mint Partner with a Proven Track Record

NIL has been a Cisco Gold Certified Partner and Cisco Platinum Learning Partner for 30 years. We educate Cisco engineers, develop official Cisco courseware, and have the expertise, experience, and capability to ensure that your solution is always properly deployed and configured.

As an authorized Cisco MINT partner, NIL:

  • Has extensive experience deploying Cisco solutions.
  • Has been validated as a trusted partner by Cisco’s technical marketing engineers (TMEs) and Global Partner Organization engineering teams.
  • Has direct access to Cisco for quick issue escalation and resolution if/when needed.
  • Can help you become self-sufficient in Cisco deployments to increase your revenue.

Why NIL?


  • Proven track record of successful MINT deliveries for organizations worldwide.
  • 30 years of experience as a leading Cisco system integrator partner and focused specialized Platinum learning partner in EMEAR.
  • We cover the whole network infrastructure stack and have wide experience with various system integration projects.
  • Specialized in complex and dynamic networks.
  • Extensive expertise in enterprise and carrier-grade networking technologies.